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Approximately eleven years ago I met Rikki Newton at Family nightclub for the first time. We had both been engaged as new residents and were both excited and ready to hold down in the infamous Uncle room. This was a huge opportunity for both of us, however, as we are artists both, we also needed a more personal outlet for our tastes.
I had recently started my own night Therapy at a little known venue Barsoma, and I invited him to be one of our first guest headliners. I think it was this gig that introduced him to the venue and while I expect Rikki’s gears were already ticking, having spent some research time in the UK and Europe, I think this might have been the catalyst for him to begin putting a plan into action.

If I am completely honest, I was a little bit upset when he launched Subtrakt as he would be taking one of my nights away from me (Therapy was weekly, Subtrakt monthly or thereabouts, both Fridays). However, over the years we worked closely together, collaborating, sharing artists, complementing each sound, and building a strong foundation for Barsoma to become one of the most memorable venues in Brisbane.
Of course over the years, creative projects mutate and change and through all of these changes we would find ourselves working together again and again in different situations. We have very similar ideas about what we feel we can achieve with the house and techno sound, as a place for people to discover, play, dance, rehabilitate, produce art, and make waves, and of course, just enjoy great tunes and allow ourselves to be physical inside that.

I have no doubt that Rikki’s copilots over the years producing Subtrakt, first Jamie Smith, and then of course Adam Swain, will attest to the strength of character, dedication and vision required to put this night on. Promoting a night like this is hard, but rewarding. We go through a lot of lean times, staring into the sun driving an artist back to the airport, triple checking your calendar a lot, triple checking your bank account a big fucking lot, and of course hauling all that sound system out at the end of the night. All of this for that one magic moment each party where we can look out and see a room full of people that are simultaneously lost, and found.

So I was saddened this morning to read the news that Subtrakt will play it’s final record on the 10th anniversary of it’s birth. Ten years doing this is a huge effort. Some of the cats who have come through have been just nuts. Brisbane will be left lesser without Subtrakt, but greater because of it.

Rikki and I spoke briefly yesterday and I told him I felt a change was coming within him. I now know I was correct, and I hope my friend, that this is positive and forward for you. I intend to be there, and I urge Brisbane to be there too, when you cue up that final banger.

Vale Subtrakt

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