Stokehouse Sunday 9/2/14 :: Kieron C

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The afternoons have been treating us well here at Stokehouse. From our vantage point alongside the river, we’ve been able to watch each weekend as the late summer takes hold over the city. This week, the soundtrack technician on hand to guide us through this Sunday afternoon is one of Brisbane’s most experienced DJs, Kieron C. A prolific DJ that has spent many hours in booth fine tuning the provision of party atmosphere.

Kieron C has decades of experience in Brisbane venues, selecting a unique take on disco, funk, boogie, hip hop and electronica for nightspots such as Empire Hotel, The Family, Barsoma, and Zuri, and more recently keeping tidy residencies with Kerbside, Laruche and Superwhatnot. His recent support set for visiting veteran Todd Terry at Cloudland reminded Brisbane dancefloors why Kieron is such a popular choice to get the evening moving in the right direction.

During the day Kieron was influential in shaping the direction of dance music through his position on the desk at Rockinghorse Records. Many local DJs can attribrute the quality of their record collections to the watchful ear of Kieron C monitoring the distribution of tunes throughout the city. Kieron’s weekends alternated between cool underground parties, heaving nightclubs, large outdoor festivals and exclusive listening parties. Kieron C is a master DJ in any situation and his fine track selection and funky low and lazy collection will no doubt provide a great soundtrack to your afternoon alongside the river with us here at Stoked on Sundays.

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Sunday 9/2/14 :: Kieron C @ Stokehouse

Sidon St, South Bank, Brisbane

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