Sundae 12/1/14 :: Chikashi [Japan]

We are quickly getting stuck into the new year here at Sundae HQ, and this week we welcome our newest member of the Sundae International family with a visit from veteran Japanese spinner, DJ Chikashi.

Chikashi Nishiwaki’s musical adventure began all the way back in 1987, and for over quarter of a century he has delivered only the finest audio to discerning ears. Hailing from the Fukui region right on the coast near the centre of Japan, Chikashi has based his operations there while maintaining an international presence. In his home country, he is renowned for sophisticated dancefloor jazz, boogie, Afro, Latin, and Brazilian soulful beats, always presented on vinyl. He developed his own sound alongside Japanese luminaries DJ Krush, Kyoto Jazz Massive and Toshio Matsuura and continues to this day with deep vinyl explorations seeking out the right tunes to “for people to dance and be happy.” Indeed, his own club, “Tree Cafe” in Tsuruga  is now approaching it’s 8th year, and is regarded by audiophiles and serious record collectors as a fine example of a club where music comes first. Our very own Peter G is set to appear at the club’s 8th Anniversary party, no doubt attracted to the attention to detail found in every stage of the party process, from atmosphere to speaker design to music policy.

Some of our older Brisbane clubbers may remember Chikashi’s first visits to Australia about a decade ago, where he joined the Good Vibrations tour. Basing himself in Brisbane at the time, he was a favourite at some of our little city’s eclectic independent parties and held his own across many different party situations. Internationally too, Chikashi has toured extensively and often attracted the attention of artists such as Gilles Petersen, Jazztronik and Nicola Conte who have susequently visited him at his club in Japan. As a producer too, Chikashi has provided remix talent for a number of artists from deep dub sounds to jazzy breakbeats, boogie and more on respected Japanese labels such as Mighty Highness, Ak47 and Audiosutra, among others.

This will be Chikashi’s first visit to Sundae, though we hope not the last, as our musical tastes are indeed in step. Our hosts Chantal and Cool Hand Luke will be on hand to introduce our guest and we will be soaking up the musical journey across genres. The summer climate will surely add to the relaxed vibe, though we expect a few hot tunes to keep everybody ticking along nicely. Join us this week as we present DJ Chikashi from Japan. We’ll see you by the riverside.