Sundae 24/11/13 :: Benn Hopkins [Hed Kandi]


Sundae is a collaborative effort made by a few dedicated DJs in Brisbane and one of the less public faces of our team is hitting the turntables this week to remind us how all this Sundae business got started.

Often seen lurking at the Sundae party, Benn is a qualified party starter and reliable hand across the early hours in the city’s clubs. Introducing international tourists each week at his Zuri parties doesn’t hurt his resume, and often sees him sorting out the logistics of getting the evening started at Barsoma, Laruche, Bacchus and so on too. Benn is at least partially responsible shaping the sound down here, from slow and groovy r’n’b jams to deep instrumental hip hop, upbeat funky breaks and soulful deep house beats.

In addition to all this busyness behind the decks, Benn has been responsible for maintaining the connection to the motherland, and has appeared at the original Sundae party in Philadelphia, one of only a handful of Aussie DJs to do so. This international connection has also seen Benn responsible for bringing out some of our great overseas guests.

Benn Hopkins is an experienced operator and eager to take the Sundae party for a spin. Deep goodness from Benn on the funky disco tip and of course your hosts, Cool Hand Luke and Chantal in attendance too. Join us this week in the park, in the sun. We’ll see you by the riverside.