Sundae 21/7/13 :: Residents Day


We’ve been enjoying these unseasonal warm days in the week, though we’re not sticking around to see if it gets cooler again – the Sundae crew are hitting the road to join the crazy European summer checking out Croatia and Ibiza before dropping by Cambodia as Cool Hand Luke and Chantal take the Sundae vibe to the world, but before we go we’re taking this last chance to throwdown some quality.

This week we have a special tribute planned before we set off, and we are going on a deep and funky trip through the catalogue of sophisticated California based house label Seasons Recordings. Pressing their first wax in 1998 under the moniker ‘Earthtones’ the label took the name ‘Seasons’ in 2000 and set about releasing some of the finest groovy deep house of the period. Featuring artists such as Brett Johsnon, Jt Donaldson, Lance Desardi, 2nd Shift, Iz + Diz, and Natural Rhythm in their corner, Seasons is a fine example of a close knit group of producers releasing a quality body of work. When we heard they were clearing out their warehouse, some members of the Sundae family got in on the action, collecting a fresh smelling box of records and cd’s from the mail and now we are serving them up on the turntables for you.

With so much quality music to sort through it will be hard to pick just a few tunes to play, but Cool Hand Luke & Chantal will do their best to get deep into those boxes and check out some Seasons tunes we love and some that have maybe been overlooked. We will be joined by Haiku and more to choose a few tunes too so join us by the riverside.