Therapy 10/8/12 :: Kavina Kumar

Here at Therapy, we’ve been proud to present some of the finest DJ talent from around Australia, and the world. We feel though that Brisbane has an extremely talented bunch of local cats that can match it with any visiting guest, and we’re ardently committed to putting the spotlight on them too. Our guest this week has only recently appeared on the scene though has walked into town guns blazing and we feel that but for a nudge in the right direction, Kavina is about to blow up.

For some time Kavina was seen at a number of key events, taking in the talent, all the while taking notes. As it turns out, her academic study of the art has been put to good use, and a number of mixes have appeared indicating her enthusiasm of deep, progressive house with a little techno, and  of course, studious application at the controls.

In only a short time, Kavina has made her debut official, taking in Sky Room and Barsoma, and having herself added to the lineup of one of Brisbane’s most important clubbing events of the year: the annual visit of one Hernan Cattaneo. This is the deep end folks. Kavina is about to take over our city, and we are getting involved now. You can too. Join us this Friday as Kavina debuts at Therapy.


22 Constance St

Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

House/Techno :: 2100-0500
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