Therapy 27/7/12 :: Manesh Magan

As you know at Therapy we are particularly proud of Brisbane DJs who are putting in the hard yards around town, without compromising their musical integrity. This week is no different and we are joined at the party by one of Brisbane’s finest new talents in Manesh Magan.

Initially coming to light as part of the regarded techno outfit Digital Divide with Pete Fantich, warming up for Kazu Kimura and closing the Earth Freq festival, Manesh wasted no time though establishing himself as a DJ in his own right with proper displays at Barsoma, Siana and the Brunswick Social. While the Digital Divide project allowed him to explore big room and festival sounds, in club mode, Manesh prefers the more organic sounds, his selections drawing from heavy vocal deep house through funk, hip hop and soul. Mixing older traditions of spinning records with new technologies of controller based trickery, Manesh is cooking up his own flavour of deep vibes that has seen him serve up platters at parties like Elements, Subtrakt, Somadose, Sundae and Sky Room. The guy’s calendar is booked solid, lucky for you we got a reservation.

As always, we will be rolling through deep house and techno sounds, starting casually before getting into the thump and grind. Join us from 9pm this Friday.


22 Constance St

Fortitude Valley