Sundae :: Jason Rouse + Ben Osborne

Jason Rouse ::

Out here in the daylight, Rousey shines at our little party. His endurance and keen ear ensure that both he and the party make it to the end of the weekend in good spirits. Rousey knows our spot inside out, so when you see him roll up with his record bag, grab yourself a drink, stretch your toes, and get ready to get down, as Sundae’s very own ‘boogie-man’ is in town.

Ben Osborne ::

Scrape the surface of Brisbane’s club life and you find polished gems amongst the rough like Ben Osborne. Backed by a unique collection, in tune selection, and timely action to provoke a reacti0n, Ben has developed a sound that is both candy to the ears of the chinstrokers, and a push in the right direction for those inclined to shake their behind.