Sundae :: New Year’s Dae 2012

This last week Brisbane has enjoyed some wonderfully mild summer days and it is these great long afternoons that we like at Sundae. And this year, New Year’s Dae falls on a Sundae, so out comes the BBQ and most definitely we are going to throw some tunes on.

A Therapy session has been arranged for weary bodies from the prior night’s debauchery in the form of two of Brisbane’s classiest club spinners, Mr Sparkle and Adrian Matyear. The serious boogie of Mr Sparkle working the floor and the late night excursions of Adrian Matyear laying it down in the club are a common thread through some of the best clubs in the city. The two have each gone to work on The Family, Main Squeeze, Press Club, Jorge and more, but have been most able to stretch their legs musically at Adrian’s Therapy parties, where Cool Hand Luke and Chantal also found a place to drop by with some funky tunes.

For our post New Year’s celebrations reentry we are coming together for a lazy afternoon garden party and we have a fine selection of trip hop, jazzy funky chilled out beats, and lazy smooth deep house in mind. In true Australian fashion we will be bringing out the BBQ as well as Watt’s light and tasty tapas menu. Watt’s “Arabian Nights” New Year’s Eve party has already sold out so be prepared to squeeze elbows at the bar as it looks like the place to be this weekend.

Summer is just kicking into gear, and we are starting off 2012 the correct way with some good tunes and good people. Join us as we get the year flowing nicely, you know where we’ll be – hanging out by the riverside.

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