Sundae :: Alex Ward

One of the beautiful things about running our little party each week is the opportunity to check out great artists on the cutting edge of music production. On record, cd, usb stick or in person we can’t get enough. Our guest this week, is a multi talented music industry professional distributing his sound by any means necessary, live, in the studio or just chilling some beats with us on a Sundae. Let’s meet Alex Ward.

For almost a lifetime, Alex has honed his performance as a musician, engineer and most recently, label owner. A Jazz pianist initially, Alex has over 18 years experience behind the keys, and it is this solid musical grounding that has allowed him to flourish as a producer and performer. Alongside years of Audio Engineering study at the Conservatorium of Music, and the drive to develop his own label, Alex has positioned himself as a multitalented and energetic studio boss. His own projects have also kept him busy, with his five piece live outfit The Alex Ward Collective called upon to warm up for Meat Katie and John 00 Fleming, and an as yet untitled album project, carefully combining his dual interests of jazz and electronic music, in the mix as well.

In the club, Alex effortlessly floats between organic, soulful and jacking deep house, disco, and of course jazz, seeking to recreate the feeling caught in each individual record. Something of course we here at Sundae appreciate too. Join us this week as we follow Alex Ward through his musical influences and enjoy another afternoon listening to great tunes in great surrounds. See you by the riverside.

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