Sundae :: Brazen + Mr Gaunt

This month at Sundae, we are preparing a special series of parties that showcase DJs who compliment and challenge each other. These artists share a friendship, and musical influence, and will allow us a small glimpse into their shared musical experience. First off the block this week are our close friends, and longtime supporters of Sundae, Brazen + Mr Gaunt.

The Sundae parties have traditionally been a place for the rotation of Brisbane’s club DJs to ease off a little, and play some tunes that wouldn’t normally fit into their regular club sets. Though for Brazen + Mr Gaunt, their regular appearances at our party have become a natural progression of their sound. As they’ve matured as artists, they’ve allowed their funk, garage, soul and early breakbeat influences to shine through, though delivered with the same intensity that they have come to be known for at spots like Moonbar and Family.

Highly regarded for their forward thinking club breaks and peak time cuts, the boys dominated the Empire for a time with slick delivery and high intensity performance. Outside the usual club circuit though, and the two have developed in fine style a musicality that is appreciated by dancers from all walks. Each appearance at Sundae has produced an inviting mix of classic recordings, experimental rhythms and feel good fun.

Join us this weekend for the first of our presentations of slick Brisbane DJ partnerships, as we follow Brazen + Mr Gaunt through the afternoon into a world of bumps, bounce, basslines and broken beats that will set the scene for another glorious afternoon in the park. We’ll see you by the riverside.

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