Sundae :: Manesh Magan

For a long time, Sundae has been an outlet for Brisbane DJs to show us a side of themselves that we don’t see in the mainstream clubs. The high intensity of the Friday and Saturday club scuffle ensures a little rivalry between the city’s spinners to outdo each other with the biggest, freshest tunes that will lift the roof off, but on Sundae, the opportunity is there for a creative soul to dig deep, and dig up some classics, some more left field cuts, and in general put forward a cruisy vibe that allows for a smooth re-entry to the week for our people.

Our guest this week, Manesh Magan is no stranger to the late night bump and grind of Brisbane’s nightspots. As one half of peak time techno outfit Digital Divide, he has pushed the peak time crowd to the limit at events such as Elements, Subtrakt, and the highly regarded local festival Earth Freq, and is recognised for his solo efforts at Barsoma and Uber and as far afield as Yumla in Hong Kong.
All this busyness though sees him yearning for a place to return to his first love: classic, deep house. And as he steps out on his own from Digital Divide, his desire to put forward more soulful, esoteric cuts is well received down here at our little party.

Join us this week as we meet a new face at Sundae, a driven individual who no doubt will be bringing bags of enthusiasm and a selection of tunes that have lit his fire over the past few years. You know how we do: fresh tunes, fresh air, and hundreds of fresh friends kicking back enjoying the scenery. See you by the riverside.

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