Sundae :: Vinyl Throwdown

Every now and then, we here at Sundae HQ like to take a step back, review and take stock. Dance music and technology are intertwined and both pushing each other along at a terrific pace. We are all playing USB sticks and trigger pads, but every now and then we like to remember what got us into this crazy business in the first place: records!

There is something about the way records crackle and pop that makes us all warm and fuzzy inside. Maybe that’s it – warm and fuzzy. Audio nowadays is high resolution, clean soundbites, but at the same time can feel cold and clinical, particularly if the tunes that we like have that warm, funky, gritty feel.

Of course, we appreciate the future, and no doubt Sundae is one of the most forward thinking parties in the city. Each week we showcase great Brisbane talent pushing the boundaries of dance music through all manner of technology, but records are where we all began, and our seasonal Vinyl Throwdown is how we show thanks.

So get in the groove with us! This time around DJ Freestyle and Adrian Matyear join Cool Hand Luke and Chantal to drop a needle on it. The afternoon is the perfect time to review some of our favourite records and spy enviously on each others collections. No doubt you’ll see us flipping through each other’s record bags and hear frequent exclamations of “What is that huge choon!” punctuating the incredible soundtrack that is in store for you.

Join us this Sundae as the crew take you on a trip to a golden era of recorded music, set in the picturesque surrounds of New Farm Park and the Powerhouse, and gilded with the rosy tint of a great afternoon spent with your friends. See you by the riverside.

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