Sundae :: Ten Years by the River

Ten years ago, some effervescent party people arrived by the riverside intent on planning the perfect afternoon party. Brisbane’s newly renovated Powerhouse was to provide the backdrop, the river and park would complement the scenery, and thousands upon thousands of Brisbane’s happiest, friendliest party people would enjoy the great Brisbane weather and sweet tunes each week.

DJs Sam Death and Cool Hand Luke, along with forward thinking venue manager of the time, Matt Kesby took to the task of providing a clubbing alternative that has become an institution in Brisbane. Over the last decade Watt’s sunday event has attracted more than 200 guest artists keen to explore the refined sound policy and good vibes on offer each weekend, and bask in the near perfect year round climate.

This week we celebrate ten years of Watt serving up the perfect day out, ten years of sublime sunday sessions, and ten years of Cool Hand Luke spinning what has now become Brisbane’s longest running DJ residency in a partnership that has outlasted most marriages these days. Moving forward, Watt will continue to provide good times each week to international visitors and local residents alike, continuing a tradition now that has become entrenched in Brisbane bar and club culture.

This Sundae though, we party, with percussionists, dancers, a visual retrospective and some of Brisbane’s finest DJs dropping by. It’s a public holiday the next day too! Join us as we celebrate this milestone and look forward to the next ten years. To be continued… See you by the riverside.

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