Sundae :: Brian Damms

Originally a British expat, though now a long time resident of Brisbane, Brian Damms has made this city his own, drawing on his experiences in the heady summers of love of his youth, and expertly delivers a proper chuggy soulful house vibe refined via thousands of hours behind the turntables.

In Brisbane, Brian is a well known face at all the hot clubs. He laid the groundwork for much of the dominant sound in our city, helping to define an era with quality showings at places like Press Club, Empire, Family, and Therapy. Brian is a friendly face in the crowd too, constantly taking in and enjoying new music, and of course, you’ve probably seen him hanging out with us at Sundae many times.

Often Brian helps us out with our big projects, and we’re always pleased to see him roll up with a record bag at our various collaboration parties, though we would be remiss if we didn’t book in a date for our spotlight to fall on one of the city’s classiest and most humble nightclub spinners. This week we put the focus on Brian and give you all afternoon to soak up his sweet sounds. See you by the riverside.

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