Sundae :: Jason Rouse

Our guest this week at Sundae will be immediately recognizable to many, he has been helping us out for years, bringing the good times and good tunes. So experienced and influential in Brisbane is Jason Rouse, he has spawned his own brand of chuggy soulful deep bump and grind known locally as ‘Rouse House.’ For those that don’t know, let us help you get acquainted.

Jason is an experienced hand in Brisbane clubs, so much so that he’s watched a whole new generation of DJs develop in the nightlife scene that he helped establish. His continuing enthusiasm for playing the right tune, at the right time, for the best parties, sees him continue to throw down each week at Zuri and The Met, to appreciative crowds that can’t get enough of his impeccable tune selection and soulful swagger.

Out here in the daylight, Rousey shines at our little party. His endurance and keen ear ensure that both he and the party make it to the end of the weekend in good spirits. And this weekend will be a real test, as friends and family join him to kick off the opening ceremony of his week long birthday celebration. That said, Rousey knows our spot inside out, so when you see him roll up with his record bag, grab yourself a drink, stretch your toes, and get ready to get down, as Sundae’s very own ‘boogie-man’ is in town. See you in the sunshine.

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