Sundae :: Cosmo Cater

In Brisbane, it is difficult to pass by a weekend without hearing something about our guest for this week. Since the beginning of dance music time, Cosmo has been at the forefront of our industry, supporting, developing and just generally lapping up the music culture in this fair city.

Cosmo is one of the steadiest hands in Brisbane. Famous DJ standing next to him, thousands upon thousands of people losing their minds in front of him, and yet he is the very model of cool, calm and collected. This prowess has been displayed fairly much everywhere there are turntables- Family, Barsoma, Empire, Birdees, and almost every festival someone has tried to sell you a ticket to- he’s played with a finesse that has made him the goto man for international warmup duties.

In February, Cosmo joined us for the first time at our Flood Relief gig, and the result was an ear catching deep dubby disco house set that set the tone for his full session this weekend. For more of a taste check out his teaser mix, but be sure not to miss him when he joins the party this Sundae. See you in the sunshine..

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