Sundae :: Brett J

When we select our special guests to spin at Sundae, we look for genuine enthusiasm, musical pedigree and just good natured party people. It helps to have a solid knowledge of the history, but most of all, we like to see a big grin from ear to ear whenever a fat tune comes on the speakers.

Our guest this week ticks all the boxes and then some. Brett J joins us at the tables this week for his first Sundae session, but it would seem like he’s been preparing for it all his life. Brett is a classic Brisbane house head: well versed in the different flavours, a solid resume in the downtown area, at all the hot places like GPO and Barsoma in Brisbane, and Moulin Rouge, Home and Candy’s Apartment in Sydney. But best of all, he is just a fun DJ to get down to.

With so much experience at the peak time, and so much dance music history behind him, it is easy to see why his performances are, well, easy. It’s so simple- step in the club, take a breath, catch your friends, and dive right in. See? Easy.

Sundae is all about the easygoing vibe too, so of course we’re going to get along and get down. Join us as we welcome Brett J to the outdoor party that gets down the best. See you in the sunshine.

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