Sundae :: Chris Wilson

It is not often we come across a DJ so fervent in his approach, and so enthusiastic about the delivery that he has influenced the tastes of tens of thousands of clubbers, inspired and developed many young DJs, and presented so professionally that thousands of people can attribute their most memorable parties in some way to him. Many of Brisbane’s club insiders will recognize him immediately as the man behind the Katarzyna kurtain. For those not yet acquainted, let us introduce Chris Wilson.

In the nineties, Brisbane nightlife was a dark and desolate mix of meagre offerings. A young expat Brit sought to install some sense of decency to the nocturnal offerings, least of all, so he and his friends would have a place to play. His first offering, Empire Hotel’s Corner Bar, would become the goto point for incoming dance music for more than a decade . Super Deluxe followed, and sought to bring some of the house and big beat craziness that had been blowing up in Europe and the UK. It was a huge success, and became a precursor to his professional involvement with the venue’s owners that would last many years. Soon after, the reborn Empire hotel complex arrived. Press Club soon followed and in due time the team would launch the game-changing superclub experience to Brisbane, in the form of the Family.

Over the next decade Chris would define himself as an adaptable, experienced DJ, able to drop deep house cocktail grooves to big room funky tech house bombs, any time, any day, anywhere. His work in bringing international sounds to Brisbane saw him become one of the most successful, and most awarded, promoters in the country. A second superclub, Cloudland soon followed, focusing more on the evening soiree, dinner and drinks, and allowed him an outlet for his more mature, sophisticated sounds.

Over the past decade and a half, Brisbane has undergone a massive amount of change, from small country town, to the more cosmopolitan city we recognize today. The club scene too has seen a massive transformation, from seedy beginnings in the underground, to the opulent superclubs that we play in today. Our guest this week is a DJ that has seen that transformation first hand. indeed he was party to most of the exciting developments of recent times and we are pleased this week to welcome back such an experienced hand to our party when Chris Wilson joins us this Sundae. See you in the sunshine..

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