Sundae :: Cool Hand Luke + Chantal

One of Brisbane’s musical power couples, Chantal and Luke each had a solid history of music appreciation before they met. Though they have been working together now for some time, each retains their own quirky take on the sound, but also makes for a ton of fun when they come out spinning together.
Separately, Luke and Chantal have both held residency at Press Club, Alhambra, Zuri, Belgian Beer Café, Moobar, Family’s Mainroom, Uncle and of course the Lounge, where the two first worked closely together. Their sound spans the full spectrum, from lofi, smokey downtempo funk, to driving big, fun, soulful jacking house, and all shades of deep house and disco in between, both playing off each other to dig deeper, or find something funkier.
Together, Chantal and Cool Hand Luke share their enthusiasm for house music at Sundae each week, confirming the strength of their Powerhouse residency over ten years of good service. In that time, they have played to tens of thousands of party people, providing the sunny soundtrack to one of Brisbane’s most gorgeous locations. Sign yourself up for the sweet Sundae treatment from the DJs who know how to do it best. See you in the sunshine..

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