Sundae :: Rikki Newton

One of Brisbane’s more colourful characters, Rikki Newton is a familiar face in many of our favourite haunts. Well schooled in the trade, Rikki came up through Press Club, in the early years of this decade, following an inspiring trip to London that flicked his switch after he found himself recovering at Lazy Dog.

Over the next few seasons Rikki worked out of the Uncle rooom as part of the ‘dream team’ lineup that dominated Brisbane’s Saturdays from 2006-09. Always keen to do his own thing though, Rikki moved himself, and a little party idea that he was incubating, to Barsoma. Rikki’s Subtrakt parties have now become something of record in Brisbane. Always keen to test the limits of dancers, and Liquor Licensing’s tolerance of his post-sunrise antics, Subtrakt has seen some key names in deep house roll through, including Steve Bug, Charles Webster, Vincenzo and in a couple of weeks, Dixon.

Rikki’s enthusiasm for the sport can be seen everytime he takes to the decks, and his deep house style will make you bounce too. A regular figure in the Sundae crowd, don’t miss him when he takes to the Sundae control room this week. See you in the sunshine.

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