Sundae :: Jeremy Broughton

One of Brisbane’s friendly imported expats, Jeremy Broughton first crossed the Tasman six years ago, and established himself with a steady string of dates between Family, Press Club, and Barsoma, and more recently, has been a popular spinner at The Met, and the newly reinvigorated Alhambra. In the meantime, his big room focus has given way to a more sophisticated deep and groovy house sound that has opened him up to a new circle of fans.

Jeremy is a regular face around Sundae of an afternoon, though this will be the first time he takes to the decks here. Although primarily focussed on the club aspect, Jeremy has assured us of an eclectic and suitably sun drenched afternoon set of house jams, reaching all the way back, and delivered with his trademark good humour and undeniable technical skill.

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