Sundae :: Bure

An understated, though generous and efficient DJ, Bure joins us at the decks this week to shine a light on the deeper aspects of his sound. More notorious for his bigroom work, Bure’s collection spans all shades of house, and has seen him able to take on any room. Sunbar, Press Club, Jade Buddha, and Alhambra have all seen the more soulful end of his sound, whilst Uber, Family, GPO and the Met have enjoyed the peak time sound he is readily able to deliver. In between dates, Bure continues to punch out remixes under his Musik1 alias, notably hitting #5 on the Aria singles chart for his redo of Ricky-Lee’s ‘Hell No.’

This week though, Bure is eager to explore the deeper sound with us, and arrives at the party with bags of experience, and an effervescence for the movement. Benn Hopkins takes over warm up duties too, enjoying the chance to spin a spot he knows so well, and with the afternoon deep house sound firmly in the pocket.

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