Sundae :: Richard Shimmy

Back by popular demand, Richard Shimmy returns to give us another demonstration of his turntablist and selector/collector skills. Shimmy wowed us last time with eclectic soul set all played on 45’s and this time we can expect a broader offering with Soul/Northern/R&B /Funk/Boogaloo and maybe even a little bit of Ska! Whatever he chooses to play we are sure there will be enough musical surprises and to keep the chin strokers happy.

Richard got his DJ moniker from his highly successful event in the UK called “Shimmy” which led to his involvement with the Legendary Hacienda nightclub. A scouting trip to Australia for the club around ’98 and, for whatever reason, he decided to stay and became a regular fixture in Brisbane since that time, playing at almost every venue around with Hosting and guest appearances on a number of local radio programs. A resident of Family’s Cocktail Lounge for over 4 years and as a festival regular he never disappointed!

Northern soul is a music and dance movement that grew from the British mod scene, with roots in northern England in the late 1960s. Northern soul music is black American soul music and the Motown influenced sound of the time with a focus on the rare and less mainstream artists.

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