Sundae :: Arvo Funke

Adam Spenser (Arvo Funke) and Luc Faisal (Sundae Brisbane) came up with idea for this weeks event over a drink at the bar a few weeks ago when they realised they had alot in common in regards to their event ethos, the people they knew, the dj’s they booked and the styles of music they loved yet strangely enough it was the first time they met. So why not bring both events togther for a meeting of musical minds !?

Arvo Funké started in November of 2009 as the brainchild of founder Adam Spencer (Adam Madd) as a way to bring funky, sexy, deep, alluring house to a casual, relaxed monthly ‘party to the people’. A great suppoter of local DJ;’s Arvo Funke has become the launch pad for up coming talent and showcase for brisbane’s experienced elite. Arvo Funké has been able to supply Brisbane with a quality sound that is only seen at local events such as Sundae Brisbane, Delicious, and Therapy. With the backing of, Arvo Funké reaches a worldwide audience via the new and increasingly popular world of online television, allowing increased exposure of each instalments featured DJs, both headliners and locals, on a worldwide stage.

The river, the park, the arts centre and Watt combine to create a perfect backdrop for what has become an institution in Brisbane dance music culture. Finding it’s first incarnation in Philadelpia , Sundae founder and imagineer Lee Jones has spread the Sundae love and inspiration throughout the world and thankfully landing some in Brisbane where Sundae has been alive and well for many years now. The strength of Sundae internationals branding, online presence and tech savvy approach to promoting the event are some of the reasons the recently launched iphone/android app.has 70,000 plus subscribers tuning into the Sundae vibe. Local Dj’s are the heart of Sundae Brisbane’s entertainment and we are always looking for new take on the Sundae sound. . See you in the Sunshine!

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