Sundae :: Frank Li

A collector of music for as long as he can remember Frank Li got the DJ bug 3 years ago. His eclectic taste has driven him to appreciate and play everything from Disco to Techno and for Frank as long as It’s groovy & classy it’s good! The Genre’s influencing Frank’s DJ style these days are Disco edits, italo disco & mid tempo house. Names like Steve Lawler, Ben Watt, Greg Wilson, Tim Sweeney and Morgan Geist, Frank explains, have been a big part of the influence and inspiration for his love of all things DJ. Over the last 8 months Dj’ing has taken a back seat to his promoter role for the local Auditree brand who over this time have hosted some of the biggest parties Brisbane has seen this year. Frank believes that good music is just that, no matter what the genre and Auditree is an extension of that belief. A gentleman of the DJ scene Frank Li is not one to brag about his DJ skills and it was on the recommendation of those who have heard him play that he finds himself playing for Sundae. We can expect his set to be slow, groovy ,obscure but still fun, perfect for a Sundae afternoon and I know Frank is keen to get the promoters hat off for a day and the headphones on for a relaxed set and a beer or two by the river at Watt.

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