Sundae :: Steve Watson

STEVE WATSON hails from the good old North East of England, but after many years living and partying in Manchester, he now calls Melbourne his home, spending his days basking in the Australian sunshine getting his inspiration from an eclectic mix of music. Like many DJ’s going through their musical cadetship, his taste was a little on the weak and experimental side. He frolicked around in the shallows of Trance, cheesy pop and electro house in the late 90’s, until finally coming to his senses when he discovered the pleasures of soulful house music and has never turned back. A DJ-ing style that swings from jazz house to deep house, and dips into jacking along the way but always with a sense of the soulful sound he loves. Steve is well known for his connection with Melbournes Soiree events who’s moto, ‘The Soirée is not just about the music it’s about the entire experience of an evening party – the ambience’, aligns well with what Sundae Brisbane is about. Soiree has grown to become a collection of DJ’s that have their musical interest rooted firmly in all things HOUSE, with soulful undertones. You can expect more of the same from Steve Watson this Sundae @ Watt. See you in the Sunshine!

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