Sundae :: Brian Damms

Those who know Brian can tell you he loves to have a laugh and his sense of fun is legendary but when it comes to his Dj’ing his serious side comes out and it shows in the quality and popularity of the sets he has produced for Sundae in the past. With his sonic sensibility and genre hopping skills, he creates some blissfull blends of the freshest cuts with the best of the past. He has never bee satisfied with following the musical herd and it’s in the club Brians dj style has set him apart as he tests the mind of the dancefloor punter with obscure remixes and twisted rhythms. This was never more evident than his time as resident in Uncle @ Family all the while showing his ability to diversify by taking on other gigs in all sorts of genres. Residencies in Press Club, Empire (corner bar), Moon Bar & Family Lounge and supports for many an international. Those in the know, know Brian can bring it! Come down this Sundae and find out why. See you in the Sunshine !

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