Therapy :: Yokoo

YOKoO :: [Plusminus/Fanfare/Kina Music/Affin]

Currently based in Australia, YokoO is an original French born – European raised – lover of all things deep. A true “artiste” in every sense of the word, he vows to take his listener on an hypnotic mind voyage through the soul embodying spirit and passion – and he always delivers…

YokoO has emerged into the “lumiere” as a DJ/Producer of significance, boosting the Deep House sector of the dance music industry with his masterful mixing skills and a refined sense of tune selections, with subtle melodies that clamber atop the senses and thick instrumental textures strewn atop profound bass lines that surge powerfully through exposed bodies and corners.

Leaving the strict dance floor format, his compositions are aimed at the attentive listener and broaden the electronic spectrum by suggesting an alternative to clubbing. His sound is evidently a recreation of his deeply spiritual relationship with technology and music. YokoO’s creations can be qualified as deep, groove worthy, meaningful and emotional. Aiming at achieving more intimate emotions and feelings through his creations, YokoO is persistently turned towards the inner soul. He strives to reach each individual listener in particular rather than please the crowds. With this in mind, he creatively combines his electronic sounds to create a “kaleidoscopique” voyage of a spiritual nature.

His Dj sets lend themselves easily to different locations and are adaptable to various environments from small intimate spaces to festivals. YokoO’s productions are unique and unclassifiable – with such thorough attention to detail, every inch of your body and your soul will feel touched – a welcome perversion. He has made his mark on the European scene with his innovative EP’s signed to a variety of record labels such as PlusMinus and Hertzlich in Germany and Kina in Italy. His first 12” released on PlusMinus Recordings has been played and charted by major players in the scene such as John Digweed, Anthony Pappa, Gorge, Brothers Vibe, Valentino Kanzyani, DJ Fex, Slam, Phonogenic, Roberto Rodriguez, Louis Osbourne and Shades Of Gray to name a few. Each of his upcoming releases is impatiently awaited. Keep an ear out, as 2010 will be an exciting year for YokoO and his “Musique Sentimentale”.

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