Therapy :: Chappo

CHAPPO :: [Samsara/Jack’d]

Throughout Therapy’s exploration of the underground sound in Brisbane, we’ve found that the finest spinners are those the get down and amongst the data, plumbing the depths of their chosen specialty with a degree intensity and drive to see the club shift a considerable distance upon proper application of the their latest discovery.

This evening’s guest Therapist Chappo is a fine example of this dedication to the science. A clinical researcher by day, and by night, he first took a general survey of the situation, involving himself in independent party projects, both as a test subject on the floors of the city’s house and techno laboratories, and with his own experiments in group treatment by aural stimulation.

As part of local institutes Samsara and Jack’d, Chappo has developed an impressive body of work, and found him involved in a number of studies supporting visiting international practitioners Claude Von Stroke, Jamie Stevens, Kazu Kimura and Ricky Ryan et al, and various detailed presentations at local facilities Barsoma, Empire, Monastery, and Uber.

Chappo’s dedication to a deeper understanding of the deep, bumpy and groovy house and techno spectrum and the effects on humans has made a series of breakthroughs recently, and we are pleased to present his ideas regarding the theory of position relative to a sound system.

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