Therapy :: Shannon L Marshall

SHANNON L MARSHALL :: [Uncle/Therapy]

Whether it is a low slung private party or the wicked expanse of the mainroom, few DJs approach the task of dancefloor chiropractics with more intensity than Shannon L. Marshall.

For over a decade, Shannon has immersed himself in the club sound. With footings in early electronica, US deep and funky tech house, he has streamlined the sound with each presentation to the floor, maintaining a nocturnal longevity, though with an ever evolving creative take on cutting edge club rhythms. Like fine tequila, Shannon brings a venom to the dancefloor that easily pumps and sways the party into a sweating, heaving mass. Constantly in search of the fresh and interesting perspective, Shannon is an incessant trawler for new music, whether it is in the dusty halls of the record retailer, or through close relationships with his network of worldwide producer specialists. Along with his private stash of people movers, he brings a soft caress to the mixer, oftentimes resulting though in mass panic through the crowd.

Preferring to shake it in the city’s larger sound systems, Shannon has long been a fixture in the major club circuit. Developing through an intense five year residency at Empire Hotel, and long term engagements with The Family and Therapy; his ability to adapt to different party scenarios have served to cement Shannon’s position as one of the city’s most reliable players. Long distance requests from Sydney, Melbourne, and New Zealand have followed, and opportunities to dip his toe in the festival circuit too, in each instance bringing a funky, tough and sexy thump to the decks. Recent forays into production, both solo, and with his Jumpstarters outfit, have quickly produced solid output, finally allowing Shannon a personal outlet for his own perspective on house music, and drawing attention to his ability to turn slamming tech house cuts into a physical massage for large gatherings of people.

Shannon’s talented and efficient ability to set up rooms has been called upon to support a diverse range of international visitors, both highlighting his own individual take on the sound whilst providing a respectful heat up for the guest. Derrick Carter, Sucker DJ’s, Ben Watt, Hipp-e, Iz & Diz, Chris Lake, Inland Knights, Chris Lum, Johnny Fiasco, Copyright, Serge Santiago, Justin Martin, Lawnchair Generals, Brett Johnson, Jim Baron (Crazy Penis), James Curd (Greenskeepers), Polefolder, Pound Boys, Da Sunlounge, Andy Caldwell, and John Larner have all been assisted by Shannon’s early treatment of the club, and has made for some memorable events.

A look inside Shannon’s bag suggests hints of techno, progressive and bumping house for the late night underground parties, and opening up into a bigger funky tech house jack for the bigrooms. His enthusiasm, evident in every approach to the controls, combined with his academic experience in the field make for a solid DJ with a genuine ability to connect with the dancefloor.

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