Sundae :: Jimmy Ellis

Jimmy Ellis steps up to the decks for his farewell gig before leaving our shores back to his country of birth where we hope his respected talents will bring him fame and fortune. What can we say about Jimmy that he hasn’t told you already (lol) Master of the over emphasised mixer gymnastics we know and love him for and hair stylist extroadinaire, who’s over enthusiasm for the Soulful House genre he loves is legendary and sometimes controversial. . You can be sure he will put on a good show for us this Sundae pulling out all the stops to leave his musical mark. A great supporter of Sundae he will be missed so make sure you’re there this Sundae for a last beer or two with him and anything embarrising we can do to him, so we make sure he never forgets us (ha) Jimmy has also had a hand in bringing Greg Wilson, the early electro master to AllOneWord this Saturday night if your keen for some musical learnin’.

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