Therapy :: Byron Foxx

BYRON FOXX:: [Melbourne/Peaches/Guesthouse]

As we step into Autumn, Therapy keeps the heat up with our 4th Birthday party, returning to our jackin roots with special guest Bryon Foxx trekking up from Melbourne to help blow out the candles.

Originally from Melbourne, though quickly becoming a seasoned space traveler, Byron Foxx has set about expanding his empire with impressive throwdowns across the globe and a back catalogue of quality sessions cementing his position as a key Australian representative in the people moving trade.

Bursting onto the scene with his ridiculously fresh boot ‘Revenge of the Cantina’ on Peaches, and following it up with punchy releases ‘Everybody Loves the Bongo’ and ‘Foxx Trot’ on Guesthouse, Byron comes at the house sound with a zest for funky speaker shifting boomptiness. Backing his production play with fader skills too, Byron approaches both the clubs of Australia, Asia and the US, and the airwaves through his sessions on UK transmitter SSRadio with similar intensity, bringing with him a bag of illicit cuts ready for distribution to eager ears.

From Tullamarine to Tatooine, Byron is a beat smuggler of the highest quality, sourcing the finest audio treats from single samples to slamming sets. Around the world and across our little corner of the galaxy, Byron is making a name for himself as an experienced and formidable club jedi, wreaking havoc on any available sound system.

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