Therapy :: BPM + Logan Baker

BPM is an underground music connoisseur, dining on a diverse range of styles that have influenced and developed an aficionado of the highest order. Once in the control room, he serves up only the finest deep, progressive bleeps and creeps across house, breaks and tech. When combined with his experienced delivery from the booth to the floor, BPM is a spinner with a formidable ability to move the club.

Locally, BPM has been a significant force, setting up the likes of James Holden, Steve Porter, Desyn Masiello, Habersham, and Paolo Mojo, in each instance displaying a steady hand over unstable dancefloors, and in the process contributing heavily to the city’s recent house music renaissance. Individually, and as a contributor to the forward thinking Logic outfit, BPM has maintained a firm presence in the nocturnal situation in Brisbane, regularly showing himself to be a creative and consistent player.

Logan Baker joins us this evening for a deep display fresh off the wing from the long white cloud. Not the first time he’s made this journey, Logan moved from New Zealand to Melbourne and back, and keeps the frequent flyer status up with regular trips between the two countries, building up a resume of quality output on dancefloors at each stop.

Whether in control of the peak, or in the support slot for the likes of SCSI-9, Jennifer Cardini, Manuel Tur and Xpress2, amongst a long list, Logan adapts to all situations from the small club to the big room with equal intensity. Tonight’s session sees Logan take us on a deep excursion built on a bagful of sublime deep and tech house, and a skillset honed over many hours pushing the faders.

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