Press :: James Lavelle @ Barsoma on Inthemix

by elektrobotic for inthemix.

Original article :: here.

I knew that the night’s line up was sure to bring a mixed crowd and I for one am all for that. A nice blend of people all in the same place for the same reason = great energy. Tonight’s agenda was to not only have the fortune to hear one of those much talked about DJ sets by the one and only James Lavelle but also to hear some of our regular locals bring the business.

As that on again off again Brisbane rain was misting BarSoma’s outdoor area a remix of Siouxsie & the Banshees “peek a boo” was lighting up the inside of the club setting just the right mood for the start of the night. Scott Walker was first up and he continued to swoon the crowd by playing a fine set of compressed tech and progressive mixed with eastern sampled breaks and worked his way through some familiar classics that pleased the crowd immensely.

What makes these nights grand, apart from the great music and the venue is of course the clubs staff who although surrounded by the party atmosphere manage to stay true to the job at hand. I make mention of this as the service tonight was impressive. Assistance came readily, with smiles and left one with the thought that this was indeed a welcoming and courteous venue.

Next off the rank was Adrian Matyear who brought sharp breaking funk and deep filtered bass tunes to the table and whilst checking out some of BarSoma’s well arranged areas I hear a sample playing “can you trust yourself”…… Deep tech moved the crowd once again and as I looked around at the dedicated crowd I thought “yeah – we can trust ourselves” to give in to this frenzied sound that is!

Now in a club where many people use the equipment, you can guarantee there might be a glitch or two and tonight was not without them however I always admire when Dj’s can step up to the plate, fix a technical issue drop the next track and move on. That’s exactly how our locals handled it tonight, once again showing their extensive skills that assisted the dance floor to move to each next progression without a commotion!

After a delicious Spanish champagne assisted in elevating my spirits I ventured through the devoted crowds back to the front of decks to bear witness to James Lavelle’s set. Where do I start! His set was a monster mash of genres ranging from 60’s psyche rock that moved through deep tech with a touch of subliminal house and the occasional vocal cut. It was just the right blend to end what was a perfect night.

James trekked the crowd right through to the morning break and brought the house down with each track till the very last dancer had had enough, or had they? After the event the word from the crowd was that one could have easily listened to another batch of fresh tunes from our international guest. I completely agree and recommend that if James hits our shores again clear your schedule as it is certain you will have an amazing night.

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