Therapy :: Jay Berry + Wadza

Jay Berry

Exploration is Jay’s game, first dipping his toe into dance music through a chance discovery of club mixes at age nine. The rest of his schooling years were distracted by the new sounds expanding his mind via his headphones, plugged into the expanding landscape of niche dance genres opening up through the new millennium.

Particularly impressed with emerging techno and house sounds, Jay relocated from the sunny Whitsundays to inspect Brisbane’s club scene, seeking out the underground fraternity with intent. In a short time, he took to the decks himself, again dividing his time from his university studies. A studious approach to set delivery though has seen him take on Planet, Little Jumbo, Barsoma and Twenty1 on the Gold Coast in recent times.

In his initial forays into the night scene, Jay has shown a liking to large bumps aimed directly at the crowd, and steady approach, in the process showing himself to be a class undergraduate ready to step up.


Wadza’s embrace of underground sounds took a similar path to the club by way of discovery of alien electronic music from the Sunny coast afar, drawing him to investigate Brisbane’s gritty corners in search of more. An impressionable you, he developed a taste for a broad range of floor movers from breaks through house and techno.

Once settled, Wadza returned the favour to the city, polishing off Breaks and Enter, Little Jumbo, and entered the Barsoma fray with a strong showing at his own Metric party, introducing himself to the scene properly backing up Kazu Kimura.

In the booth, a selection of tunage crossing breaks, deep and tech house forms the basis for an evening under Wadza’s care, providing a diverse and driving workout late in the evening.

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