Therapy :: Anna Sonnenburg

Anna Sonnenburg

Firmly implanted with musical leanings from the very beginning by way of her father and brother, Anna was slowly introduced to electronica, disco, and nu wave in the traditional way: a curious and unattended pile of records begging to be spun.

Over the years, Anna’s interests became more extreme and led her to drum and bass, finding herself at a party hosted by local rumblers Rudebwoys. It was not long before Anna made the step from listener to selector, and had envisioned a rolling existence through the quick rhythms and sub harmonics of darker dance music.

A chance encounter with one of DJ Freestyle’s tunes had Anna seeking him out and embracing the house program with a fervour, leading to whole paychecks disappearing to support her new fondness for jazzy, soulful and disco influenced house. Preferring vinyl reproductions of her tunes has seen her spend a great deal of time in the local record retailers slowly flipping through musical history for the perfect gem for the weekend.

Anna’s warm sound and dedicated attention to detail has taken her to the Sundae, Fox Hotel, Barsoma, and has developed a promising little residency at Chalk Hotel. In between this busyness, Anna has a clear plan for getting her favourite sounds to the collective ear that will surely see her take on more dancefloors in this neighbourhood soon.

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