Therapy :: Rich Curtis + Palaeo Tech

Rich Curtis

Rich Curtis arrives at Therapy this evening amidst a flurry of local bookings making it seemingly impossible to lock the guy down. His involvement and support of the local dance music scene keeps his appointment book nice and tight, and regularly puts him amongst the goodness at Family, The Met, Planet, Empire and Birdees. In the underground realm, Rich frequently lends his hand to the independent crews, and is known to associate at local showings such as The Sunday Roast, A night with.., F**k Fluro, and Drop.

Often found building dancefloors from the absolute ground level up, Rich has successfully launched a string of dance music events around South East Queensland. From his involvement in the satellite parties House Arrest on the Sunshine Coast, and Movement on the Gold Coast, to giving young underground undergraduates a go at Subvert, all while maintaining a revolving door of international dance music power players at his own monthly excursion, Ulterior.

His motivations are simple: musical, tribal, escapist dance music. The delivery comes by way of low and kicking progressive and tech house, influenced by the godfathers of progressive, and built on the foundation of multi-instrumental schooling. Deliberate and disciplined mixing and an eagerness to meet the floor face on have seen Rich called to greet visiting guests Henry Saiz, Jim Rivers, Anthony Pappa, Fergie, Slam, Chris Fortier and Hernan Cattaneo, a noted highlight on a very long list.

Rich takes the late dancers into the morning, building and rebuilding our fine people through progressive, regenerative Therapy for the serious nutcases.

Palaeo Tech

When setting about to enable a good amount of festivity in the club, we can look to the keen academic to know ‘we got it covered.’ Palaeo Tech is indeed the faculty of preparedness. By day, a generous and efficient music journalist, covering the local rags, interwebs, and other sources of knowledgeable hifi wifi, all while walking a fine beat. At night, armed only with headphones and records, he is an eclectic collector selector causing all sorts of damage in the city’s evening establishments.

This is nothing unusual for Palaeo Tech, he is only responding to all the subliminal messages in his record collection, mostly instructing him to play the record again where other people can hear and get down to it too. From funk and disco, to punk, hip hop, early electronica and experimental production, Palaeo Tech draws from an arsenal of sounds, with a kooky perspective last seen in these here Barsoma parts setting up A Guy Called Gerald.

This evening finds Palaeo Tech in control of setting the scene, a set relished by the offbeat spinners to get the good vibes happening quickly before leading to more serious tech house and other bumpy wackiness.

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