Therapy :: Adrian Matyear

Adrian Matyear

Once in awhile you pass someone in the street with a slightly more energetic step than the rest of the crowd. Somewhere to be, an appointment, a mission. The determined look in the eye and confident stance that comes from the knowledge and ability to feel, hear and control higher forces for a positive outcome. Adrian Matyear is one such man, existing only in the physical plane as a conduit for the musical healing of the masses.

A classically trained percussionist, with an adolescent rock drumming background, almost a decade in Brisbane’s house clubs and now a bluesman, Adrian Matyear’s genre spanning knowledge and record collection have shown him to be one of the most dedicated and involved practitioners of musical mood setting in Brisbane. Experience that has been called upon to set up heavyweights Inland Knights, Swirl People, Metro Area, Iz + Diz, Hippe, Troydon, James Curd, John Larner, Da Sunlounge, Jonene, Carl Kennedy, Serge Santiago, Brett Johnson, Derrick Carter, Shonky, Tim Green, Italoboyz, Luca Bacchetti, Rocky, Jamie Jones and Jimpster.

Whether it is through his weekly club Therapy, at Barsoma, or longterm engagements in Uncle at Family, Cloudland, Press Club, Jade Buddha, Deeparture, or the infamous bohemian recovery Sundae, Adrian delivers an efficient and sexy party solution with every approach to the controls. During the week he can be found in the studio: producing, mixing, adapting, and creating audio energy, or digging through records in the city’s retail fronts, secondhand stores and private collections, seeking only the finest recorded works suitable for the creation of dancefloor melees in the nocturnal hours.

The weekend finds Adrian pushing his distinctive record cart to and from Brisbane’s highest quality nightspots: the price paid for a contract made long ago- to become a pure vessel of a therapeutic and soulful audio experience for the benefit and wellbeing of others. Clubs become a site on which to twist and affect people on a real and physical level. Adrian brings a jacking house and deep warehouse techno bag to the club, inviting long distance journeys into the early hours through head twisting sonic massage and general dancefloor physiotherapy.

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