Therapy :: Dan Abbott + Adam Swain

Occasionally we come across DJs with an interesting perspective on the sound, a confidence at the controls, and dedication to the dancefloor beyond simply spinning track to track. We like to keep these people close, even as they prefer to lurk in the periphery. This week sees two of the city’s most passionate house DJs, Dan Abbott and Adam Swain take the club for a deep and stomping ride.

Adam Swain

[ Subtrakt / Deeparture ] ::

A passionate collector, dedicated clubber, and talented mixer with a basement cache sound of evocative and bumping deep house and techno, and early hours sensibility, Adam Swain has had a tremendous year educating Brisbane clubbers on the sounds from down deep.

Swain’s history sits deep in jazz, hip hop, soul, techno and deep house influences. His productions have developed a left of centre downbeat groove that neatly occupies a distinct corner of electronica and house production coming out of Brisbane at the moment. Solid productions under his belt and a peripheral DJ with niche aspirations, Swain is causing a movement, and it’s coming from deep below.

Recently Swain has engaged Sundae, Uncle, Bump n Funk, residency with Subtrakt, assisting Dan Abbott with the Babicz setup at Drop, opening up Barsoma each Friday, and peak time appearances at Therapy to display tidy mixing and an inspired appreciation of house music. Not to mention launching his own outfit Deeparture into the fray, causing a rethink on where a tidy little dancefloor can be situated. Swain is deep in the pocket of Brisbane’s house eclectic. A unique sound and genuine excitement on every approach to the decks, he is a class DJ with a firm hand on the mixer and a deep thump in the club.

Dan Abbott

[ Subtrakt / Deeparture ] ::

For some time now, supporting the niche corners of Brisbane’s underground set, Dan Abbott has brought a distinctly different perspective to Brisbane’s clubland. This week sees the return of the notorious peak time deep diver to Therapy.

An academic researcher of the deeper strains of house, specializing in quirky, deep techno, minimal and completely off the wall sounds, Dan’s approach to dancefloors comes from the far left, based in psychiatry. An avid music collector, with an intelligent sense for tracks that cross the divide between sound system experience and physical response, Dan has taken to stepping out amongst the city’s party collective with impressive displays at Sundae, regular appearances at Subtrakt and Deeparture, and a notable appearance at Drop to set the scene for Rob Babicz.

At Therapy, he has been a reliable spinner, opening the club up each week with supreme deepness, or ably stomping at peak time, Dan brings a spooky groove well suited to illicit interactions at any time of night. Additionally, Dan’s collaborations with Adam Swain, under the Down Periscope moniker, have seen marked progress charting deep house, disco, downbeat, jazz and electronica in territory previously unexplored in Brisbane before.

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