Therapy :: Jamie Jones [UK] + Segue + Vitreous

This evening’s very special trip across deep house and techno is piloted by a flight crew of impressive credentials. Taking care of the liftoff, Adam Swain and Dan Abbott head for the clouds early with a soulful and jazzy deep house groove before seasoned controller Jerry Drew reaches a bumpy but uplifting house current. In the jet stream tonight Vitreous, Segue and Jamie Jones cross progressive, deep house and techno at a leisurely altitude, and Adrian Matyear takes care of the in flight snacks and the smooth deep house landing.

Jamie Jones

[UK/Crosstown Rebels/FreaknChic/Pokerflat] ::

Over the span of a decade, Jamie Jones has unfolded from raw beginnings in the stark outpost of northern Wales, an adolescent fascinated with his growing record collection, and the turntables that were required to listen to it. It was not long before he left for university in London, at the same time receiving the education of his life in the city’s pulsing clubs and record stores. Semester breaks were productively spent making a determined and well received debut in Ibiza, in the process catching the attention of a string of super clubs across the island. Back in London too he was gaining notoriety as a studious and individual party spinner as he left a significant population of sweaty, exhausted, and appreciative clubbers at numerous locales of dubious renown.

It was not long before word got out, and Jamie was entrusting airline baggage handlers with the challenging task of ensuring his luggage kept up with his crazy DJ schedule, spanning all points of the globe. To say Jamie is a DJ in demand is a massive understatement: his upcoming New Year’s Eve is double booked between seminal UK clubs Back to Basics and Fabric. His unique journeys through techno and deep house are distinctly ethereal and revitalizing, and his efficient control of nocturnal gatherings has seen him become hot property around the globe.

Jamie’s productions too display distinction and dedication, and twisted perspectives that have become a dirty little secret in record bags and radio shows globally. His recent album release “Don’t You Remember the Future” and 12″s for Crosstown Rebels, Freak ‘n’ Chic, Bpitch Control along with an illicit stash of remixes for labels like Tsuba, Infant, 20:20, and Simple, backed his claim as a complete contract club consultant and saw his demand increase exponentially. His tracks have appeared on a number of compilations, he is a radio favourite, and his DJ sets raise heartbeats wherever he goes, yet he retains the passion and humility that he brought to his first steps into the dance music rabbit hole.

Segue + Vitreous

Brisbane is lucky to have amongst its ranks a number of passionate producers collectively pushing the live barrier in an era that is becoming increasingly driven by mp3 tomfoolery. They are pretty tight too, and when they get together, deals are struck, work gets actioned, and bands change hands. Segue was so named for a collaboration between Dave Dri, formerly of Superfluid, and Leo Hede of Statler and Waldorf whereby the two competed for desk space in an already tiny studio rig in a bid to outdo each other with how much outboard gear could be connected together and made noisy all at once.

The resulting output was a curious and dark progressive, techno and acid house flavour that went down a treat at Brisbane’s independent club nights and identified the two as an impressive feat of strength and audio, not just for their performance, but for the sheer effort it took to move their gear in and out of the building.

Segue are joined by Vitreous, aka Chris Buckridge, flying in from Amsterdam, and smuggling in with him a local, original shade of deep techno forever shaped by the worldly travels undertaken in search of higher education. Vitreous is no stranger to hauling cargo, regularly called upon to pack up his studio and unpack it in the corner of dark, sweaty rooms, and tonight we are getting it fresh off the plane. Together Vitreous and Segue represent the collaborative and forward thinking production elite coming out of Brisbane and are pushing the limits of live techno, deep and acid house, using their machines to effortlessly submerge and vibrate humans in the process.

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