Therapy :: Nat Monaghan + Brad Smede

This week we find two dark and dedicated young spinners in Brad Smede and Nat Monaghan for an expedition across techno, tribal, minimal and deep.

Nat Monaghan

One of the finest examples of Brisbane’s underground dedication, Nat Monaghan came to Therapy with a penchant for dark, hypnotic grooves, and some seriously slick fader skills. In the two years since, whether settling the early heads or leading the early morning workout, Nat regularly sees to atmosphere control and primal abandon with genuine care and intuitive selection.

In between peak time engagements at Logic, Drop, and Uncle at Family, Nat has ably fulfilled resident duties at Therapy at any point on the nocturnal rocket clock. In control of the early mood setting, or piloting the red eye mass transit, Nat brings a refined selection covering all manner of dark and deep progressive, tribal and tech house.

Depending on the time of evening, Nat’s attention to detail and flawless execution brings about the desired population of well primed groovers, or chaotic throngs of movement falling about weak at the knees. At any rate, Nat’s ability to mould and shape dancefloors into crowds of heads down hip shaking is held in high regard, and has assured her place on the resident roster as a reliable and talented club operator.

Brad Smede

Leaping forth from the fringes of Brisbane’s underground movement, Brad Smede rapidly set about developing a resume of both unbridled ambition and definite intent. Arriving on the ground floor, Smede saddled his enthusiasm with far ranging early influences reaching across trance, breakbeat and techno, and set about displaying prowess on any available console in the city.

In the few short years since, he has amassed a prolific output including local hotspots Monastery, Barsoma and Birdee Num Num, in amongst developing the collective project Samsara music with fellow spinners Nick T and Chappo, as a conduit for international guests and to highlight local grassroots gatherings. The crew’s infamous ‘Saturday Sessions’ have become a local institution and their startup front ‘Fidget Fridays’ went on to heavily influence a new direction for Brisbane’s mainstream clubland.

Whether he is poolside amongst local pals, or restrained, pending the arrival of the likes of Simon Baker, Deepchild, James Talk or Audiojack, Brad Smede approaches soundtrack control with bags of pump and sway, crossing minimal, techno and deep house to bring about a suitable state of flailing limbs and raised heartbeats.

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