Therapy :: Chris Peart + James Hunter

This week sees Therapy step sidewards for two extremely passionate young DJs, and an inside preview of the upcoming Auditree events.

Chris Peart

In only a short space of time, Chris has shown himself to be an enthusiastic collector and skillful selector, appropriately heating the club and closing out with equal abandon. Chosen to operate alongside international tourists Audiofly X, Italoboyz and Luca Bacchetti, Chris has laid out exotic and hypnotic sets that cross deep, minimal, tech and tribal house, in each instance maintaining a healthy respect for the floor, whilst inviting the dancer to join him on his sideways adventures.

In between regular Therapy outings, Chris has developed into a house music guru of sorts, combining encyclopedic knowledge and genuine enthusiasm to get the jump on the freshest sounds, leaving peers in his wake in the process, and causing significant floor damage when presented in his inspired nocturnal excursions.

James Hunter

As is the case with many DJs, James Hunter was so affected by his virgin house music experience that it was not long before he himself had taken up the cause. Submerging himself in the murky depths of the technologic lifestyle, James set about defining his output with finely tuned appreciation for intriguing and offbeat rhythms, deep jams, and tech house shakers particularly suited to the late night workout.

In the brief period since, James has maintained an intense dedication to the sound, and allowed his underground credibility to billow like smoke signals onto the network, rapidly drawing attention to his deep exploits.

In between displays at the Blowfly Bar, James is a regular floor polisher and musical investigator, constantly soaking up local and international sounds to develop his repertoire.His own spin on the sound reveals a character decidedly intent on causing movement across the early hours.

In amongst their individual assaults on Brisbane’s downtown, the two have joined forces to develop an audio experiment designed to attract discerning ears to their own research, whilst showcasing left of the norm international house and techno acts. In addition to presenting the inside local knowledge, their Auditree events seek to break open the usual concepts of music presentation in the club, with extremely limited edition events showcasing the academic and esoteric depths of the dance music sound, kicking off with Reboot in December.

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