Therapy :: Elliot Clarke + Fuzion

Therapy finally gets a chance to rumble with the two techno ninjas who are causing mass damage all about Brisbane, Elliot Clarke and Fuzion.

Elliot Clarke

Elliot was bred through schoolyard escapism via headphone noise art and abstract techno, honed through many hours on the nightshift, and crafted with a street toughness throwing parties. Proper underground parties. His imaginative Kana soiree has brought smiles and arms in the air to some of Brisbane’s grandest outdoor locations, all to the soundtrack of serene, organic and mind bending deep house and techno. Parks, on bridges, under bridges, train station back lots, Elliot Clarke has demonstrated the effectiveness of simplifying the party experience back to good people, great soundtrack and extreme locations and in turn it has become a peaceful protest of party people presenting.

Along the way the Kana operation garnered intense support from Brisbane’s connected dancers, all relishing the chance to have a near religious experience as the afternoon sun hits the glass and concrete spires of the city in the backdrop of another surreal Kana urban throw down.

In the club too, Elliot transfers maximum musical energy to the dancer, crossing deep house, techno and progressive in search of the most physical movement of air from the speaker to the dance floor. His studious approach and effortless execution has been called on to present quality local direction for visiting internationals including Pig and Dan, John Selway and Alex Smoke.

Whether it is through his club night Colours, in the courtyard at Barsoma, Drop, Logic, Uncle at Family, or by the bowling green, on each outing Elliot delivers inventive and effective DJ sets that lift the dancer out of their skin and off to another place. His attention to detail at the track selection, reedit, mix, and drop bombs stages of the process ensures a level of control and direction that regularly leaves clubbers soaking and sweating in the palm of his hand.


At the deep, intense end of the techno spectrum, Fuzion broadcasts a powerful signal to the fans of Brisbane’s dark and heaving late night haunts. His approach to dancefloors is sophisticated and simple – total passion, through all the equipment available, to produce immediate physical response. And the message is being received clearly over a wide range, the city’s clubbers vying for real estate on the floor for each Fuzion multi table dex n’ fx assault.

Roaming amongst techno, minimal, deep and tribal house, his club outings are individually sonically spectacular and each totally focused on testing the fitness of the party. His involvement in the Colours and Kana sorties, and local spots Subtrakt, Logic, Drop, Melt and the Sunday Roast have all witness dedicated displays between regular business trips about the country. Additionally, his experience has been called upon to set the scene for the likes of SCSI-9, Joris Voorn, Layo and Bushwacka, Deetron and Radioslave amongst many others.

From the slightly unbalanced end of the late night, to the sun drenched afternoon delight the next day, Fuzion brings only the finest selections to accompany primal misbehaviour and states of altered consciousness. In the party situation, there is rarely a finer hand at the controls, and on the overnight journeys, no more appropriate choice to direct proceedings.

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