Therapy :: Luca Bacchetti [Italy]

Luca Bacchetti

[ Italy / Ovum / Wagon Repair]

The romantic notion of the traveling troubadour musician has long been overtaken by commercially produced, primed and pressed musician moulds now easily franchised and feted for ever increasing market share. This week at Therapy though we see the return to Brisbane of one of the significant few, dedicated and inspired, and unafraid of exotic experiences in foreign clubs, Luca Bacchetti once again regales Barsoma with techno tales of faraway lands and the simple joy of sharing our house and his house music.

Originally from Italy, and now making Spain his home, Luca Bacchetti found a fascination with music initially through the radio, discovering the groove based genres of hip hop, jazz, drum n bass, and later, house and techno. Quick to put his own spin on his experiences, Bacchetti has developed as a fine producer, translating his early influences into unique output and quickly found a home for his releases on respected presses including Tenax, Safari Electronique, Sci+Tec, Ovum and a significant relationship with Canada’s Wagon Repair crew.

Bacchetti’s initial experience with mass music distribution through the radio inspired him to share his own music with as many likeminded people as possible, and has seen him visit all corners of the globe in order to fulfill that mission. This will be Bacchetti’s second visit to the club, and as we well know, we are indeed ‘likeminded people’ particularly with regard to our shared fascination for solid throbbing house, and deep groovy techno.

For this week’s Therapy session we are also joined by an expedition of local club favourites with mutual musical tastes, and welcome Carte Blanche, Fergus Alexander, Chris Peart and Adrian Matyear to join our intrepid traveler Luca Bacchetti this Friday 16th October.

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