Therapy :: Zach Salar

Zach Salar

[ Nightvision ]

Originally from Melbourne, though now residing in Brisbane, Zach Salar has brought with him a definitely different take on club control developed amongst the counter culture collectives of the southern state, while embracing the fresh faced eagerness and do it yourself attitude of our fair city.

Once settled, Zach set about displaying prowess in both mainstream and underground nightspots, showing a duality and adaptability that is both unique and accessible. Backed by a fine record collection, and able control of the 1s and 2s, he has become a popular local fixture supplying the patrons of Barsoma and GPO with inspired late night soundtracks and unmitigated fun from behind the mixer.

It is his wildly popular Nightvision podcast though where he has done the most damage. Alongside local stalwart and previous Therapist Brett J, the two have set about educating Brisbane clubbers with their fresh take on music presentation, and in the process have drawn significant attention to the quality of Brisbane’s local DJs.

Tonight’s Therapy sees Zach, like a man possessed, drive the club into the outer realms crossing deep, tech and minimal house in a manner that would spook astronauts. And as we head into the evening darkness at the end of the week, we are pleased to have such a skilled and fearless dancefloor spaceman at the controls.

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