Therapy :: Alex James

Alex James

[ Mome Musique / Trazable / Affin Recordings ]

Initially studying the craft in the steep learning curve of the Gold Coast affray, Alex quickly became a prominent player in a city where the underground set were reliant on dedicated party connections and knowledgeable scribes to trade in the deepness that was gaining a foothold in the underbelly of the glitter strip.

His involvement with the Elsewhere and Platinum operations, particularly his guidance of the Complex gatherings produced rapid results and pitched him against the likes of Moonbeam, Lutzenkirchen, and Ekkohaus.

In between all this busyness, Alex found himself making daytrips to Brisbane to meet with the Delicious crew, and Saturday Sessions at Birdees, as well as regarded displays at Global Gathering and Future Music Festival. Now a permanent resident of the city, he has acquainted himself further with the party crews Deeparture, Subtrakt, and Somadose and now for the first time, lays out a Therapy set.

Bringing a fresh bag of new breed deep techno and intelligent house, and hints of his own productive output, including releases and remixes for Mome Musique, Affin Recordings and upcoming presses with Little Fritter under their Nil By Mouth collaboration on Trazable. Across both DJing and production, Alex James is a musical statesman, and perfect order for this early spring gathering.

Joining Alex on the lawn this evening are Down Periscope purveyors of deep, Adam Swain and Dan Abbott, with Chris Peart and Nat Monaghan bringing the deep and progressive picnic basket, and Adrian Matyear arriving late onto the pitch with a chilled tech house cooler.

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