Therapy :: Paprika + Nic Zanyat

Welcome to the Barsoma Asylum for Insane and Delinquent Zoo Animals and Other Urban Jungle Creatures…

DJ Paprika

[ Cutacuda ]

A trip in the nocturnal audio spectrum demands academic control and yet the most creative, effective solution from the musical medicine man at the centre of the gathering. Thus for tonight’s elegant skip through the creepers and vines we have sought out Brisbane’s subterranean future music master craftsman, Paprika.

Holding down the frontline of the city’s organic rhythms and intelligent dance music community, Paprika has laid cart to wax in front of the world’s finest club specialists including Thievery Corporation, Bugz in the Attic, Jazzanova, Keb Darge, Quantic Soul Orchestra, Norman Jay and Ben Mono. On each approach to the decks, calling on a lifetime association with rhythms through training as a percussionist and drummer, and collecting illicit quantities of afro beat, drum and bass, future jazz and broken beat.

For tonight’s session, we are warned of a physically and mentally testing, though ultimately rewarding ethereal trip across West London broken beat and future jazz with shades of tech driven by tactile, earthly breaks.

Nic Zanyat

Settling into the heater set tonight we are joined by one of Brisbane’s founding floor fillers in the charismatic and efficient Nic Zanyat.

Initially gaining a foothold in 1997, Zanyat set about teaching Brisbane how to step to with regarded showings in the early incarnations of Empire’s Press Club, Corner and Moonbar, whilst maintaining a presence in the arena party scenarios such as Headfunk, Livid and Big Day Out, and contributing to Family’s early sound. His speaker thumping technique was often called upon to set up visiting international spinners including Fatboy Slim, Derrick Carter and Mark Rae, whilst his passion at the grassroots level contributed to the development of the early Brisbane breakbeat wave.

Over the last decade, Nic has dropped weapons on every worthwhile dancefloor in the city, crossing funk, breaks, techno and house, stomping at the controls like a selector possessed. Tonight sees this potentially unstable tunesmith take on Therapy for the first time opening up our jazzy breakbeat tech special with a worldly and wobbly take on the early evening workout.

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