Therapy :: Gemma + Cosmo Cater


[ Therapy ]

Initially making her start in Christchurch, before arriving in Brisbane, Gemma pulled big moves on every worthwhile dancefloor in the city, bringing a funky, rolling thump to The Met, Uber, Alhambra, Monastery, Shadow Lounge, Chic Boutique, Main Squeeze, Empire in the Moonbar, and holidayed in Sydney at LePanic, SHE, and Moulin Rouge. Alongside regular showings in our booth, Gemma has preferred the more underground gatherings of late, shaking out Sundae, and Uncle at Family in a significant way.

Gemma joined us at Therapy in our second year, and has efficiently worked the club over at any time of night, dishing out deep and boompty jacking progressive house with quirky lines and deep rolling beats. In each instance, bringing the rattle and bounce that tests the endurance and fortitude of both the long range bodyrocker, and the building’s foundations. Gemma takes on the late peak tonight, dropping big progressive bombs and deep tech to massage both mind and body.

Cosmo Cater

[ Sidechain ]

A familiar face in Brisbane. With sticky fingers in warmup pies, big room conversions, festival set ups and generally physical gym sessions, Cosmo Cater is a dancefloor specialist of the highest order.

Coming to us from the impeccably tight Sidechain Group of DJs, Cosmo has been a mainstay on Brisbane’s club and festival circuit for many years, most notably pushing a tough progressive sound amply suitable for setting up the likes of Steve Lawler, Dave Seaman, and Sasha + Digweed. An avid music collector with a solid history, Cosmo has developed as an adaptable and highly effective DJ across many styles, hitting up Sunday Roast, Empire, Family’s main room, and festivals such as Summafieldayze, Big Day Out, Two Tribes and BBQ Breaks.

Cosmo’s previous visit to Therapy resulted in big, big fun, the club finding itself on the receiving end of pumping and grinding deep progressive and tech house and warm elevating lifts. At every approach to the buttons and dials, Cosmo does the big jobs, and tonight is no different as he sets about stretching out and loosening up the early dancers.

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