Therapy :: Magoo + Dylan Korver

[ Drop ]

Regarded by his peers and former patients alike, Magoo is a highly sought after, talented and efficient surgeon. Scrubbing up weekly for many years now, Magoo has amassed many thousands of hours on the nightshift, delivering a high degree of patient care through the niche disciplines of house and techno.

Magoo is renowned for his ability to cut up any room, and is regularly seen in Brisbane doing the rounds at Uncle, Monastery, Subtrakt and Sidechain events, in between major national tours and festivals, and regularly consulting in Family’s mainroom. His most significant work however has been his residency alongside fellow academic Scott Walker at their Friday night house, prog and techno clinic Drop. For over six years now, the pair have gone to work under bright lights, operating on Brisbane clubbers to deliver significant healing, though often requiring patients to endure convulsions, muscle spasms, raised heartrate and body temperature, hallucinations and panic.

Magoo’s highly effective, though experimental techniques have been called upon to assist procedures by visiting international specialists including Rob Babicz, Deetron, Trentemoller, Pig + Dan, Habersham, Guy J, and Sabine Christ. Magoo is highly regarded for his creative and precise technical ability. and although he is highly respected for his able support duties, it quickly becomes evident that Magoo is most useful as the lead hand at the center of the room, monitoring the city’s heartbeat with his stethoscope to one ear, and his hands firmly on the machine that goes ‘ping’..

Dylan Korver

Assisting Magoo for tonight’s procedure, we are joined by a studious young tech house intern, Dylan Korver. With a background in performance jazz, and initially specialising in trance, further research in the progressive and bumpy end of the house music have produced a deft hand capable of clinical execution on the floor.

After years of intense study, tonight marks Korver’s first major practical club assignment, though his assessment pieces have been widely circulated and highly regarded. Dylan arrives at the party eager to get the gloves on, and introduce some throbbing low end tech house into our early evening audio drip.

Completing the team tonight are Brisbane’s finest dancefloor specialists Shannon L Marshall, Gemma, Chris Peart, Adam Swain, Dan Abbott, and Adrian Matyear.

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